Luxury lash pads created for your success

Why Free At Lash?

  • A specialty combo biogel eyepad that will not melt into the eye and lash line. Ultra white so you can clearly see the eyelashes and your tweezers tedious movements.

  • Custom made 2 layer pad that is flexible and sticky enough to stay in place for the clients who talk, laugh, or smile a lot.

  • Smooth non woven top layer creates a smooth surface allowing tweezers to move freely and quickly during isolation and separation.

  • No tape needed! Adjustable fit to all eye shapes. Clean edges if you need to trim for a better fit. Larger size for mapping your lash plan.

  • Gentle on the delicate eye area and skin. Easy to remove without pulling on the client.

  • Comfortable experience for your clients. They will appreciate it.

Invest In Your Success!

  • Value for your money and mind

    These lash pads were sampled and custom made to provide you as a lash artist a product that will make your job easier and spend less time struggling with the pads during your appointments.

  • Your time and energy is precious

    As a lash artist, you should be allowed to focus on your technique and creating beautiful lash sets.

  • Premium products for your future

    In our eyes, the value of a decent lash pad is priceless. There are many lash pads in our industry but finding the right one can be a challenge. We want to provide the one lash pad that you will ever need to be successful and dedicated to giving your clients a great experience, and giving yourself the freedom to lash with no limitations.