Meet Jillian David

Free at Lash is a small business located on the Central Coast of California. The idea to create a new and improved under eye pad for extensions came from a successful lash artist that had struggled to find a quality lash pad.

After years of trying new pads and dealing with the inconsistencies, she decided to create her own. She knows how annoying it is dealing with pads that are too dry and don’t stick. Sometimes they are the wrong shape. The hydrogel melts, affecting the application process when it gets into the eyes. She wanted a pad that you didn’t need tape for. A pad that would be soft but sturdy, sticky but gentle on the skin, and a pad that would hold lashes down and stay in place! After a trial of samples, a customized lash pad was made. A luxury lash pad. As a lash artist, she knows that lashing can be a daunting technique to master and believes the lash pad plays a big part in that. A quality lash pad is priceless because it can can make your lash application process easy or challenging. 

These lash pads work well on many eye shapes and face sizes. Once you start using them and learn how to place them on each individual, you will realize they are a legit lash pad.